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Editorial Design

For Netcompany we have helped to make their publications a truly enjoyable read.

Once each quarter Netcompany publishes a Company Announcement overviewing different activities concerning the markets in which the company operates.

Published four times a year these reports naturally needs to be of the highest possible standards all around. First of all, Netcompany wanted a complete re-design of the report’s layout improving both the reading experience and easing the overall readability.

Secondly, Netcompany wanted a solution that would make editing the Company Announcements much more intuitive.

To accommodate this, we developed a solution which integrates Excel with InDesign. Two programmes that usually don’t cooperate very well – until we made them.

This way, each time the reports need editing, Netcompany can add the numbers to a table in Excel which will automatically adapt the changes to the report we designed in InDesign. We made 4 templates in total, one for each quarter – making future editing as easy as possible.

Apart from the Company Announcements, we have also made editorial designs of annual reports for Netcompany’s markets in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom as well as assuring high-quality printing of both new and existing reports.

Company Announcement

Annual Report