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Creating happier and better employees through learning.

Learningbank are market-leaders when it comes to digital learning and pre- and onboarding of employees. With their Learning Lifecycle Platform, they have created a platform based on a holistic vision of constant learning throughout the working life of every employee.

Their vision is to make people happier by making them better – at every aspect of their workday.

More than 150 companies are already using the Learningbank platform – but the goal is to be established and grow further outside of Denmark. The market of digital learning already consists of a lot of established and well-known brands. So, Learningbank needed something a bit different to stand out from their competitors.

The frame is split in two scenarios – one portraying a
great first day, the other a less good first day.

We chose to create a branding film portraying the difference between a company using Learningbank for preboarding, onboarding and learning, and a company not using Learningbank – all set in the story of a new employees first day at work.

The film is aiming to highlight that well-known feeling of a first day at work. The feeling of insecurity and not knowing how to fit in the right way. A feeling that only gets enhanced if the company you’re starting with haven’t taken their time to pre- and onboard you properly.

Everyone deserves to be happy at work.