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For most people, clothes made of bamboo won’t sound like something you would wear out of your own free will – and especially not as underwear. But there is a long way from the plants many of us know from our garden to the soft fibers that play a bigger and bigger part in JBS’ production of underwear.

With their line of bamboo underwear, JBS has made their softest underwear ever. And softness is key. This is what JBS wants all of us to understand. And why they decided to partner up with us. Together we created ‘Too Soft to Take Off’ – a campaign aiming to make it totally clear just how soft the underwear is. So soft, that you don’t want to take it off – no matter what, where, and when.

The campaign consists of the main campaign image as well as a campaign film that tells the whole story behind the image.


The ‘Too Soft to Take Off’ campaign launched in Denmark on both outdoor, POS, print and digital, and in Sweden and Norway on POS and digital, in August 2020.

Among other ‘Too Soft to Take Off’ was featured in Ads of the World and the Danish media Bureaubiz – in the latter being the cause of a massive debate among several Danish advertising professionals.

But the big question is: Did the campaign work?

Yes, it did! Apart from creating a huge amount of awareness it has established JBS as a brand that is not afraid of walking the line, and sometimes cross it.