Ginscape · Website & Brandbook


Editorial Design
Website Design
Art Direction
Social Media Content

Ginscape has made one of the best-tasting gins in the world, and they wanted to make it one of the best looking as well.
So, they partnered up with us.

First of all, we wanted to tell the story of Ginscape. Of how father and son spent 501 days in their garden shed before successfully creating the first batch of London Dry Gin. The story of the Danish sea-buckthorn that makes out the core of the gin, and how the gin went on to be crowned as one of the best in the world.

This entire story, and a lot more, got packed into a brand book and a website – both designed from scratch. And like the gin, they both aim to be perfectly balanced with small notes of freshness. Showcasing Ginscape as a Danish gin with international ambitions, we believe that this is perfectly reflected in both the brand book and on the website.

Besides Editorial Design and Web Design, we provided services in everything from Copywriting to Photoshoot, as well as producing visual content for Instagram.