Danbolig · Vores Nabolag Campaign


Concepting & Campaigns
Graphic Design
Film Production

You are not only buying a home – you are also investing in everything surrounding it. For danbolig, this is a sure thing, and also why they have created the app Vores Nabolag (Our Neighborhood).

We helped danbolig activate Vores Nabolag with a digital campaign focusing on the little things that transform a regular neighborhood into a good neighborhood. To highlight this, we made a campaign film telling a story of how a good neighborhood can play an important role – even through small actions.

In short, the app helps you find your dream home focusing on more than just price, square meters, and postal code. As opposed to a traditional housing search engine the app also accounts for your wishes regarding to green spaces, the number of families with children, nice neighbors, and everything else important when looking for a new home. All are based on input from users of the app – the real neighbors.

The campaign launched in October 2020 across the web and social media.

We created a variety of dynamic and static content focusing on the aspect of user contribution by showcasing the USP’s as well as the human inputs and emotions upon which the app is built.