Danbolig · Digital Concept Identity


Graphic Design
Art Direction

Danbolig not only help you sell or buy a house. They help you invest in your home and future. Naturally, their attentiveness and competence should be reflected in their digital presence and communication — and this is where we were invited into the picture.

They wanted their visual identity to be empathetic while still depicting their reliability and expertism. And as a result of all this; a tasty 400-page design and communications guide, to use for both the chain and the local real estate agents.

To create a more interesting and inspiring visual identity, we initiated a unique image style, where thrilling compositions and shifting angles are used as a creative tool to contrast the new and very light universe.

Finally, as a manifesting cherry on top, we developed a concept for digital announcements on social media enabling danbolig to set the stage for interesting and dynamic content, which stays true to their brand new CVI